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A Quick Guide to Sewing with Knit Binding!

This last week we added Knit Binding to our range of in stock haberdashery available to buy on the website.  The 20mm knit double fold binding is 95% cotton and 5% Lycra and is perfect for trimming necklines, being used in place of bands or even for hemming your stretch fabric projects.

We currently have the binding available in 21 different colours (including but not limited to!): Marine, Lime, Purple, Petrol, Rose, Fuchsia, Red, Off White, Light Grey and Dark Grey. So pretty much any colour you might need for your sewing projects.  You can find it over in our online store here.

We’ve had a few customers asking about how knit binding is used so I thought I would put together a quick photo tutorial guide. I hope it’s useful!

First thing you need to do is to clip or pin the binding along the edge of the fabric, right sides together. Usually the binding will be slightly shorter than the edge of the fabric it is being used on so you will need to stretch it as you clip. Then you need to sew the two together, if you’re using an overlocker then you need to be careful not to cut the edge of the binding (you might even want to consider disengaging the knife).

Once you’ve sewn the binding to the front of the fabric. you need to fold it over the edge using the ready made creases in the binding. This covers all of the previously sewn edges. Try and make sure that the width of the folds is even on the front and the back of the fabric as this will make for a neater looking finish.

You can see in the image to the right how I attached, folded and clipped all of the binding around the neck and arms of these dungarees all in one go before sewing. It can be a bit fiddly so is worth going slowly to make sure the binding is all folded over smoothly and evenly.

Then you need to top stitch the binding, onto the front of the fabric. Here I used a twin needle but you could also use a narrow zigzag stitch if you prefer (or a straight stitch but be mindful this will be more liable to snapping later on), or even a coverstitch.

Once topstitched you are finished! You will have one smartly finished garment ready for the next step of the sewing pattern! Want to give it a try? Buy yourself some knit binding here.

In this guide I was making the Sparkle and Roar Roarsome Dungarees in 0-3 size, a perfect pattern for using your knit binding! The fabric was from Dark Violet Prints on Facebook.

If you have any questions or there is anything else we can help with, please just drop us an email at

Happy Sewing!

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  • Monday 3rd July 2017
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