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Can I use regular sewing machine needles in my Overlocker?

This is something I’ve been asked a few times since opening so I thought a quick post about it would be useful. My first answer is always that you should consult your Overlocker’s manual (if you have one). If it requires a specific type of needle it *should* say in the manual.20160430_201451

However….a lot of manuals don’t say either way. In which case, (assuming you have a relatively new machine – say less than 10 years old) you’re probably going to be fine using regular sewing machine needles. I would suggest that the first time you try it, after inserting the needles, to do a few manual turns with the hand wheel first to check nothing crunches or sticks.

Another thing I would recommend is that you always use the correct size and type of needles for the fabric you are sewing with – for example ballpoint needles for stretch fabrics. This will help you get the most professional looking finish for your projects.

Looking for needles? Try here


To give you a quick example, here is my trusty overlocker – a Janome 9200D.


A quick browse in the manual and turn to the page concerning the replacement of needles, it states which needles should be used! Handy yes? Always worth a check!         20160430_201720



Happy Sewing!


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