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Second Star Fabric – Round 6!

This last week I was given the pleasure of sewing up a strike off piece of fabric for Second Star Fabric. Second Star is a custom fabric retail store, set up and run by three talented ladies who bonded over their love of fabric.  The fabric is predominantly ordered and sold on a pre-order basis, with new rounds of designs being launched every 4 weeks (or so) and then arriving 6 - 8 weeks later. For each new round of designs, the Second Star ladies receive a number of strike offs…

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Introducing……… Prym Love Sewing Accessories

I want to share another great new range of products being welcomed to Little T's this month, the fabulous new Prym Love range. The Prym Love range has been re-branded and features a bold new turquoise colour scheme. They're a stylish addition to your sewing room and will brighten up your sewing projects! They also make fantastic gifts. Our most popular product from the range so far has been the Prym Love Pliers, which work with the fun colour snaps sets. As part of the update of the range, the…

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Introducing…..The Little T’s Sewing Journal!

I'm very excited to finally be sharing our newest product to Little T's Haberdashery, a Sewing Journal! The Sewing Journal is perfect for both experienced sewists and those new to sewing. You can use it however you like, for the most basic to more complex projects. The Journal features; - handy A5 size so won't take over your sewing space - over 40 double sided pages - 15 dedicated project spaces - inspiration and notes pages - graph / squared pages, perfect for quilters or for sketching patterns - pattern…

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The Great British Sewing Bee – Week 8 – THE FINAL!!

Oh yes, it's final week! Just three super talented sewists remaining, the lovely Joyce, Jade and Charlotte. Both completely different sewists, with different experiences and approaches to sewing. It gives a great example of how sewing can be loved by everyone! I was really excited to see what tricky and challenging projects the judges had up their sleeves for this week and I certainly wasn't disappointed! Gentleman's evening wear was a hit! First up, the pattern challenge. The ladies were given a lovely pintuck dress shirt to re-create. OOh pin…

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The Great Little T’s July Sew-A-Long

After the success of our first Sew-A-Long (featuring the Oliver and S Bucket Hat) we thought it would be fun to find something a bit different to try. The idea is that we find a fun and versatile pattern, that everyone can have a go at. From complete beginners to expert sewers, we're passionate about sharing the love of creating and having unique handmade items for our families. July's Sew-A-Long is a fantastic quick and easy pattern for children's PANTS! Something all children need, it goes right from 6 months, up to Age 12. It includes instructions for completing on a…

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The Great British Sewing Bee – Week 7 – Perplexing Patterns

And it'ssss Semi-Final Week on our favourite show! Just four talented lady sewists left, Joyce, Charlotte, Tracey and Jade! Do you have a favourite to win? Mine changes from week to week! I'm currently rooting for Jade, she's the youngest ever semi-finalist and has won Garment of the Week TWICE, something none of the other contestants have managed. If you're on Instagram you can follow her @TheGirlWithTheBrightRedHair, she posts some great sewing projects. First up, the pattern challenge. This week was the most difficult one they've been set yet (but…

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DIY CSP – Featuring Ngozi Eco Textiles

My latest sewing project and new challenge has been to create my own Cloth Sanitary Pads - also known as CSP. These are just one of many options available if you're considering reusable sanitary products.  If you'd like to learn more about Cloth pads and other reusable menstrual products check out Eco Fluffy Mama's Blog here. Whilst I'm a keen sewist, I'd never worked with a lot of the various fabrics used in the making of CSP and so was keen to find out more about them. Luckily I found…

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The Great British Sewing Bee – Week 6 – Lively Lycra

Quarter Final week already! The remaining ladies are gearing up to earn themselves a place in the semi final this week. The show is definitely ramping up the challenge to the contestants, this week's theme was Activewear! Lots of difficult to work with fabrics, new styles and fitting and even new machines to navigate. First up in the pattern challenge - a mens cycling top. Made from Lycra, it needed to be well made and aerodynamic with no puckered seams. Lycra is a highly mobile fabric, it is used in…

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The Great British Sewing Bee – Week 5 – Grooovy Baby (sorry not sorry!)

So, past the half way mark and we've reached Week 5 with an all-female group left to battle it out for the Sewing Bee crown! This week was 60's week! Being a child of the 80's myself I wasn't sure what to expect but I was looking forward to it nonetheless. The Pattern Challenge was my favourite one this week, a fantastic colour blocked shift dress. Made from a mere 14 individual pattern pieces, this was going to be interesting! The contestants were also provided with vintage sewing machines, beautiful…

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The Great British Sewing Bee – Week 4 – Come Fly With Me….

Week four and half way  already and it's time for International week! This weeks challenges may prove to be particularly difficult for the contestants in the adverts and teaser clips have been anything to go by. The Pattern challenge this week was for a Chinese silk brocade top with a mandarin collar and frogging fastening. The fabrics available for the contestants to choose from were stunning, absolutely beautiful. Chinese silk brocade is super luxurious, made using silk and gold thread. However it's tricky to work with, is slippery, hard to…

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