Little T’s Haberdashery | Happy Sewing!

Little T’s Habby Filled Baubles!

We have three different Baubles available to choose from, each with a different colour theme (to match your decorations or preferences!) and contents.  Here’s the Haberdashery you’ll find in the Baubles, plus there will be a festive treat or two!

Bauble A: Purple and Silver Theme

Sewing Theme Magnet, Fold Over Elastic, ‘Handmade’ Buttons, Glitter Elastic, Scallop Edge Elastic, Sewing Clips

Bauble B: Red, White and Gold Theme

Gutermann Sewing Thread, Star Trim, Knit Piping, Sewing Clips, Fold Over Elastic, Gingerbread Buttons, Woven Elastic

Bauble C: Multi -Colour and Purple

Set of Bobbin Minders, Multi-Colour Cord, Retractable Tape Measure, Sewing Clips, Lace Cute Star Zip

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