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#MakeNine2020 Challenge

Now we’re settled into the New Year, I bet I’m not the only person struggling with the urge to MAKE ALL THE THINGS! I also bet I’m not the only person with a list of WIP’s or fabrics stashed for a particular project from last year (or perhaps even from the year before that….). After doing some Instagram browsing this past week, I’ve found a solution that will hopefully help with both of these issues!

The #MakeNine Challenge first came about in 2015 following the popularity of the #BestNine threads over on Instagram where people were showcasing their favourite/best makes from the previous year. Instead people decided to use a similar set up to give them just NINE projects to plan for the future year – certainly a much more manageable list! The popularity of the Challenge has just grown and grown and now encompasses all sorts of people doing all manner of creative and crafty things.

I’ve spent some time mulling over my #MakeNine2020 list and I’ve come up with a mix of WIP’s I want to finish, projects I want to make with fabrics or patterns I already have stashed and other projects that will use new skills I want to try and practice. I’ve also given myself a space for a Wild Card as I know I’ll come across a new project I’d like to complete sooner or later!

The First item on my list – The Denver Pouch, I’ve actually already completed! Go Me! It was a necessity as the zip on my favourite purse gave up at the end of last year and I was desperately in need of a new one. When I came across the Denver Pouch Pattern I knew I’d found the perfect one for my needs and so I got it sewn up without delay! It’s a great pattern and I’d recommend for confident beginners, if you’ve sewn a zip before you’ll love it! It features a small panel too so a great way to use up some of your favourite fabrics.

The Second project is a new Laptop Bag – I recently bought myself a Laptop for working out of the new office and it REALLY needs a pretty bag! I’ve spied the upcoming release of the Side Hustle bag from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I also really want to improve my bag making skills and use some of the beautiful Prym bag hardware we have in stock.

Third is my biggest WIP – the Book Nerd Quilt. I have about two thirds of the individual book panels sewn up and ready to go, I also have the fabrics for the rest of the panels and the sashing too. I LOVE this quilt pattern and I’d love to have it finished in time for Autumn.

Numbers Four, Five and Six are all from patterns I either have (the Quiet Play panel) or want (the Doris Skirt and the Stuffy Ball patterns).

Numbers Seven and Eight are vague plans I have for fabrics I have stashed. I have some gorgeous French Terry for jacket for myself but yet to find the right pattern for it. I also have a small pile of fun fabrics ready to make my son some new Shorts for Summer (he’ll be desperate for them once the sun comes out, last year he wore the ones that still fit from the summer before!).

And finally, number Nine is my Wild Card. I figured that, realistically, I’ll get distracted by a new project or a new skill I want to learn throughout the year and this way I give myself the lee-way to insert this into my plans without overwhelming myself with too many projects.

I’d really recommend you try doing this yourself for the coming year and I’d love to see / hear about what you have planned!

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