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Prym Ergonomics Circular Knitting Pins 3mm – 4mm #215000

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Prym Ergonomics Circular Knitting Pins


3 sets of Circular Knitting Pins – 3mm / 3.5mm / 4mm

If you are searching for an original gift for a knitter, this circular knitting needle set from the prym.ergonomics line is the perfect choice. The set comprises 3 circular knitting needles in alabaster white in gauges 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm. Its special feature: These colour-printed circular knitting needles cannot be obtained individually from our range, but are available exclusively in this set. And of course, the prym.ergonomics name also stands for ease and pleasure when you knit.

These circular knitting needles are manufactured from high-quality synthetic material, which makes them slightly flexible; in other words they bend with your knitting and are also extremely quiet, without any clicking. The stable, very fine steel wire is coated with high-quality plastic to prevent the wire spiralling and tangling. Owing to the drop-shaped point, the prym.ergonomics knitting needles are well suited for beginners, because the thread guidance is much easier and the yarn does not slide so quickly from the point. In addition, as you knit, the stitches glide particularly easily along the needles.

The needle gauges are colour-coded to make them easy to find when you search through your knitting basket. The coordinating colours of the packaging enhance the harmonious design of this gift set.

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