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Prym Metal Ring Top Press Fasteners 10mm – Refill #390106

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Prym Ring Top Snaps 10mm #390106

20 sets per pack

Colour: Silver

The Prym “Jersey” press fasteners are characterised by their easy to medium fastening strength and are especially intended for thin and stretch fabrics, as are often used in baby’s and children’s clothing. The advantage of this press fastener is that no hole has to be punched for mounting – rather the integrated serrated ring only presses down the fabric so that it is protected. Washing, spinning, cleaning, ironing, mangling: for stainless “Jersey” press fasteners made by Prym, this is no problem.

This handy refill pack of no-sew press fasteners includes twenty single pairs of snaps. Each snap measures 10mm and is perfect for using on Children’s clothes and accessories, CSP and other similar products. The ring top style fastening on the snap means that the design of the fabric underneath is visible, which is another plus for using with clothing.

These ring top snaps are a refill and are to be used with the tool available with the Prym Ring Top Snap Kit. The tool can also be used with the Prym Love Pliers.

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