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Prym Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles – Super Universal Assorted 5pcs #154165

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Prym Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles – Super Universal Assorted

70- 100   130/705

Sizes 70/10 x1, 80/12 x2, 90/14 x1, 100/16 x1

Everyone, who works with self-adhesive embroidery interfacing, or sews on self-adhesive hook and loop tape to ensure a secure hold or for example wants to tack hems temporarily with Prym wonder tape or use Prym spray adhesive on fabrics, knows the problem: the adhesive clings to the needle and this can lead to skipped stitches or cause the thread to break. The special thing about the SUPER universal needle is that it has a particularly smooth anti-adhesive coating and so significantly less adhesive residue clings to the surface of the needle. Thanks to the extra large eye the needles are especially useful for embroidery projects. The special geometry of the flute and the eye prevents stitches from being missed. The slightly rounded point means that the needle can be used with most materials. And there’s more! The strong, conical, thickened shaft also makes it possible to work with heavier denim fabrics. The top quality SUPER sewing machine needles are available in the widest possible range for light and heavy materials in sizes 70, 80, 90 and 100. Because of their flat shank the sewing machine needles fit any commercially available sewing machine.

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