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Splashings of Fabric – Charity Round

Until recently, I hadn’t heard of Splashings of Fabric, then I saw that they were running an exclusive fabric pre-order featuring designs with all profits going to two very worthy charities – Sands and the Miscarriage Association – and I had to learn more.  The pre–order is running until the 10th June and you can find all of the designs over on their website.

Splashings of Fabric is run by a lovely lady called Tracey, who has shared her very personal reasons for running this round…. “I had a miscarriage 11yrs ago at 11wks and I’ve never felt grief so dark, deep and lonely, I spent many days and nights crying alone on the floor questioning life, my marriage had broken down just before I found out I was pregnant and this baby had taken 3yrs to conceive, I finally found support through online forums and put myself back together piece by piece. I met someone else and now have 3 amazing, beautiful children. Without charities like the Miscarriage Association support wouldn’t exist and many of us would still be hiding our grief from the ones we love. Miscarriage isn’t something to hide away from or ignore, its real and it breaks many hearts everyday. I chose Sands in memory of my friends little boy Alfie born 22-09-2011 and fell asleep 23-09-2011. He is always in my heart and I’ve wanted to do something for him for so long and nothing ever seemed quite right until now.”

Each of the designers behind the beautiful fabrics have shared a few details about their sources of inspiration, which you can read below. However, should you wish to make a donation to Sands without purchasing fabric, you can do so via a dedicated Just Giving page.

First up – Annie, designer of the Hummingbirds.

‘The gracious hummingbird is a subtle homage to the lives lost, for a hummingbird is busy at work and only touches down momentarily. A symbol of playfulness and infinity, these delicate creatures are almost other worldly, with wings that beat up to 70 times per second. My aim was to create a print that would look good on adult garments as well as for children. Please buy as much as you can to support this fantastic cause and the work they do, there really is something for everyone to love in this round!   Thank you for your time <3′

Next up, SJ from Little Musings, who designed the Rainbow Jars

‘My inspiration, aside from the rainbow, was mason jars, I adore adore adore mason jars! They can contain so much, buttons, jam, hope, love ❤️ The umbrellas are to remind us that, with the right support and care, you can find emotional shelter when life starts to rain with the help of charities such as these.

Then we have Laura and Emma, from 42 Custom Fabrics, who contributed Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Our inspiration for our design was the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. This song means a lot to me (Laura), so it leapt to mind instantly when we were asked to produce a design that wouldn’t be too rainbow baby led. We wanted to depict blue birds flying over the rainbow, in a sunshiney land, hopefully with a slight retro feel to the design. When we set out to colour the design it was our intention to have it coloured in its entirety, but when it was all completed apart from the houses we actually really liked the way they looked in black and white. Hopefully it also adds to the retro feel as it is a little like the start of Rainbow

And last but not least, Pippa Peycke from Pipplique, designer of the Rainbow Butterflies.

I wanted my design to be full of hope, when I was thinking of inspiration a saying came into my head ‘after the rain comes a rainbow’ I felt new hope was what to focus on and as butterflies evoke transformation and rebirth I wanted them to be at the end of the rainbow full of colour and flying high. Hope you like it as much as I did making it


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  • Tuesday 23rd May 2017
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