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A Quick Guide to Interfacing

Wondering what on earth I'm talking about? Let's start from the beginning! Interfacing is: An extra layer of material or an adhesive stiffener that is applied to the facing of a garment to add support. More specifically, Interfacing can be used to give additional strength, support or shape to sewing, quilting and crafts projects.  It is either sewn or fused (with an iron) to the wrong side of a fabric. It can also be used in quilting to apply an applique, stabilize a lighter fabric, and prevent fraying. Here at Little T's…

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Little T’s Haberdashery Presents – Prym Love Pliers & Snaps

Month after month one of our most popular products are the Prym Pliers and their array of snaps. We frequently speak to our customers who are considering buying the pliers but feel intimidated by them and how they work. They ask; 'How easy are they to use?', 'How strong are they?', 'Can I do them without a table press?'. So we decided the best thing to do was to make a quick video showing you all exactly how the pliers and snaps work. As creative minded people (as most sewists…

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A Quick Guide to Sewing with Knit Binding!

This last week we added Knit Binding to our range of in stock haberdashery available to buy on the website.  The 20mm knit double fold binding is 95% cotton and 5% Lycra and is perfect for trimming necklines, being used in place of bands or even for hemming your stretch fabric projects. We currently have the binding available in 21 different colours (including but not limited to!): Marine, Lime, Purple, Petrol, Rose, Fuchsia, Red, Off White, Light Grey and Dark Grey. So pretty much any colour you might need for your sewing…

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Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Vinyl Transfers!

One of the big creative trends for Christmas 2016 is the use of Vinyl Transfers for customising clothing and other fabric projects. I've noticed a massive rise in the popularity and availability of vinyl transfers being made especially for use with handmade clothing. After dipping my sewing toe into the world of custom made vinyl's I thought it would be useful to share some more information about the process, how they're applied, care requirements and mostly importantly - where you can find your own! Custom made vinyl transfers are produced…

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