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#MakeNine2020 Challenge

Now we're settled into the New Year, I bet I'm not the only person struggling with the urge to MAKE ALL THE THINGS! I also bet I'm not the only person with a list of WIP's or fabrics stashed for a particular project from last year (or perhaps even from the year before that....). After doing some Instagram browsing this past week, I've found a solution that will hopefully help with both of these issues! The #MakeNine Challenge first came about in 2015 following the popularity of the #BestNine threads…

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4 Ways To Make Your Zips More Successful!

My New Years Resolutions this year featured a handful of sewing skills and projects that I'd always wanted to have a go at and/or master but I had never had the chance (or ahem, bravery) to start. This last week I finally decided to pick off one of the skills off my list - ZIPS! I've been sewing a fair few years now and I'd consider myself to be a reasonably adventurous seamstress, however the many toothed monster had remained my nemesis. The idea of getting both sides of a…

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September Sew-A-Long Part 2!

As I shared in Wednesday night's email, this time around we're having TWO patterns for this month's Sew-A-Long! The first is the awesome Mama Chloe Skirt from Made for Mermaids (which is FREE) and you can read all about it here.  The second, and very eagerly awaited by lots of you, is ...... Drumroll please.....for the Sparkle & Roar Roarsome Dungarees! This is a brand spanking new pattern (only released on the 1st September!) and is a classic, slim fitting and cloth nappy friendly dungarees PDF pattern.  It has a great size…

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September Sew-A-Long Part 1

After our first two very successful Sew-A-Long's - featuring the Oliver and S Bucket Hat and the Made by Jacks Mum Speedy Pants - we decided to go the extra mile for September's Sew-A-Long. There will be not just ONE Sew-A-Long pattern, but TWO! Awesome right?!? I know. I can't wait to get started! Taking on board feedback from our Sewing Room group on Facebook, we have chosen two very different patterns. The first one, revealed exclusively in yesterday's Newsletter, is a fabulous FREE pattern and something for Mum, a…

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