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The Great British Sewing Bee 2016 – Week 1 – All about fit, finish & fabric

I cant tell you how excited I was for the first episode, since it finished last year I’ve been waiting for this series. In chatting with lots of other sewing fans this evening, I know loads of people have been just as excited!

So, a quick run down of my favourite bits from Week 1….

Challenge 1 – Pattern

I really felt for the contestants, stripe matching gives me a headache just thinking about it! Add to that, cutting on the bias and OMG! What first appeared to be a pretty simple pattern for a ladies top turned into a super difficult project. I do love a chevron though, they can make a really simple garment look quite smart and eye catching.

As they explained, the key to cutting on the bias is to place the pattern piece on a 45 degree angle to the grain of the fabric. To do this, you need to be sure in which direction your fabric stretches. I love touching fabric, my husband often tells me off for touching and stroking fabric in shops. Touching and getting to know your fabrics will always make a skill like this easier.

I think my favourite garment was Angeline’s top with the black/white/floral fabric. Super pretty and definitely something I would wear. A perfect summer top.

Challenge 2 – Alterations

Eek! A Maternity dress, a particularly oversized shapeless one at that! Interested to see what they’ll all come up with! I think I was just as surprised as the judges were to see SO MANY SKIRTS! I absolutely love Esme’s honesty though, she was definitely not impressed with the offerings! I think she will make for a very interesting series!

My favourite garment from this round was Joyce’s dress with the gold sparkle godet added. Can’t beat a bit of sparkle!

Challenge 3 – Made to Measure

I was really keen to see all the different types of skirts the contestants had come up with, I’m always on the look out for interesting skirt patterns for the warmer months!

I really liked the idea of Tracey’s circle skirt with pockets, a mum can definitely never have enough pockets! I’ll be having a search for a similar pattern online I think. Certainly something I’d like to have a go at myself and if the GBSB does anything, it makes me want to SEW ALL THE THINGS! Hope I’m not the only one??!

My stand out favourites were Angeline’s peplum skirt (I loved the floral fabric!) and Jade’s huge twirly bones black and grey skirt (just because it was fabulous!)


So far, I think my favourite contestants are Charlotte – because within 5 minutes of the programme starting she proclaimed that she needed a haberdashery in her house and would happily do this in lieu of bedrooms! (my kind of fabric addict!) and Jade – because, well, she’s the youngest contestant ever so that’s a pretty daunting task and I loved her final made to measure skirt! Hopefully they’ll both do great.

Lots of haberdashery on show as you might expect, lots of shots of Thread, cutting mats and rotary cutters. All of which you can find on our website!

Till next week, when the contestants will be tackling children’s clothes…..

Happy Sewing!




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