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The Great British Sewing Bee is BACK!!

Season 6 of the GBSB was back on our screens at 9pm last night and I was so so HAPPY to see it! Whilst we’re all in lockdown, and life as we know it is filled with new challenges, this indulgence in one of my favourite pastimes made me very pleased! I guess I’m not alone in feeling this way….

Starting off with more contestants than ever before, they began with a great set of challenges – Wardrobe Staples! Something as sewing fans we have ALL considered when planning our upcoming seasonal sewing projects. The Wrap Skirt, a transformation challenge of a men’s shirt and a Tea Dress made-to-measure challenge filled the hour and I must say my favourite part was watching the fitting of the models for the Tea dresses. I’m a big advocate of fit as you go when sewing – so much I can often be found sewing in my underwear to make it easier to pop a project on and off whilst making adjustments. Even my son is used to me asking him to try garments on as I’m sewing, mostly before hemming (which has occasionally resulted in things not being hemmed immediately as he has refused to relinquish said item once he had it on!).

Although we are sadly currently closed to new orders, I wanted to put together a quick list of suggested items which I thought would come in super handy should you be feeling inspired and wish to take on any similar projects!

For the Wrap Skirt I felt that the most useful tools to start off with were a good Rotary Cutter (with Cutting Mat). I noticed that the contestants using Rotary Cutters seemed to get through the cutting stage much more smoothly and quickly, than those who chose to pin and cut with scissors. I’ve been using the new Prym Ergonomic Rotary Cutter and it’s really comfortable and doesn’t aggravate my carpel tunnel as much as the straight handled cutters seem to. If you don’t need to consider such things, then I do still love the Fiskars Geo cutters and they’re beautiful too! Other handy tools would also include the Prym Turning Set for turning the rouleaux loops and a Ruler for cutting the waistband!

When it comes to recommendations for the transformation challenge, I guess it’s all about where your imagination takes you! If you take inspiration from Nicole’s 2nd place winning skirt, then you’ll be needing to stock up on fun trims! I love our RicRac braid elastic and PomPom trim for adding some colour. You could also try the Rainbow Side Stripe or the Lurex Rose Gold Side Stripe for different looks.

The Tea Dress made-to-measure challenge was all about the contestants showing their own take on the traditional below the knee/above the ankle pattern. I loved seeing the different garments and my favourites were Therese’s white floral lined dress, Ali’s handkerchief dress and Mark’s bold dress (because pockets!). The essential tools here would be a good Tape Measure and Pins! Other useful tools would include a Wrist Pin Cushion and a Corner / Edge Shaper.

I hope the show has spread some sewing inspiration and I’d love to see what you’ve been upto – come say Hi over in our Sewing Room Group on Facebook.

Happy Sewing and Stay Safe!

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